At BTS-India , we appreciate the need to clearly understand the business needs that any solution must address. Requirements analysis is a critical step requiring team will multiple skills. The BTS-India team defines the scope of activities with a clear focus on meeting business needs within the constraint of the environment of an operation. This business-need driven approach ensures that the solutions we develop meet client expectations.

BTS-India provides value to our clients and partners in a number of important ways.

1. Deep understanding of business issues and technology

We have a combination of functional and technical experts with expertise to covert business needs to technology solutions. This enables us to provide sound, timely, perfect-fit technology solutions for almost any type of business or industry.

2. Comparative cost advantages

One of the biggest advantages of BTS-India is providing cost-effective solutions with the highest quality assurance based on ISO & CMM standards. The BTS-India team continuously works towards cutting costs by adapting the global delivery model to fit our clients’ needs. Our formula for success: developing high quality and reliable applications at the lowest possible cost. Our development center in Hyderabad, India helps us reduce overhead costs that results in savings to our clients.

3. Pricing and resource flexibility

By jointly determining the optimum mix of onsite, offsite, and offshore resources, BTS-India offers clients the ability to meet both cost and performance objectives. This is possible by the experience that BTS-India has in setting up and effectively delivering solutions.

4. Technology expertise

The teams at BTS-India are constantly working on new technologies and stay current with the changes that are sweeping across chosen business verticals. This ensures that applications are developed on the current platforms, technologies, and standards - thereby protecting clients’ investments.

5. Flexibility

Resource ramp up: With a mixed model of development, clients can choose a resource mix that meets their needs, with options to scale up and scale down with minimum overhead. This allows clients to reduce training, recruitment, idle, retention, and administrative costs associated with resource handling.

Development cycle: The intense development cycle process that we follow ensures that “time to market “are exceptionally low, providing immense strategic benefits and cost advantages. The involvement of our clients in the definition of development cycles gives clients a “feel” for progress and intermediate “taste“ of what final the product will look like. This preview model allows for strategic correction and additions to be made. The BTS-India development methodology allows loose coupling of components and flexibility for change with minimal impacts to the time schedule.

Partnership models: BTS-India partners with clients throughout the various stages of application development and deployment. This partnership extends into life cycle management of the application and products that we provide.

6. Intense development cycles:

Our intense development cycle makes it possible for us to provide our clients “the fastest time to market” option. This translates to large cost savings and immense strategic advantages in many cases.

Engagement model:

BTS-India offers various business models from fixed bids to time and materials to a cost plus model to provide clients with flexible options to meet their needs. This, coupled with a mixed model of onsite, offsite, and offshore resources and a single engagement person as a “point of contact,” makes it possible for clients to choose a mix that fits their “picture.”