BI Solutions

BI Solutions

Implementing BI and Analytics solutions is a time consuming process. The speed at which business changes happen require faster implementation and quicker time to value.

Speed to market, No single solution will meet all requirements. However, documented knowledge can be reused, industry best practices can be referred.

Packaged Analytics solutions provide a quick answer to the challenge of embedding knowledge and industry best practices into your organizational processes.

Why BI Solutions Framework?

Central to TAKE’s implementation philosophy is reuse: documented knowledge can be re-used, industry practices can be referred. Faster realization of business value could be obtained through reusable:

  • Libraries
    • KPIs
    • Roles and Rules
  • Logical Data model
  • Data Integration components
    • Prebuilt integrators for common apps (like ERP)
    • Interface file formats for rare apps (like point solutions)
  • Templates
    • Reports & Dashboards
    • Alerts (rule based)
  • Methodology

How Can BTS-India Help?

BTS-India through its years of experience in the industry has put together rapid deployment frameworks that can help deploy BI solutions much faster than they can be built ground up. Estimated savings can result from reduction of up to 50% time and effort in gathering requirements, 30-40% reduction in overall build effort and a cost saving in the range of 30-40%.



  • INSIGHT SFx: Pharma Sales Force Analytics
  • INSIGHT PVx: Safety Analytics
  • INSIGHT OPx: Pharma Manufacturing Analytics


  • INSIGHT SCx: Supply Chain Collaboration Analytics
  • INSIGHT DCx: Distribution Analytics
  • INSIGHT MFx: Manufacturing Analytics


  • INSIGHT FAx: Financial Analytics
  • INSIGHT FCx: Financial Consolidation & Reporting


  • INSIGHT CAMEO: Demand Forecasting - Factor Based
    INSIGHT CAMEO: Demand Forecasting - Seasonality Based


  • INSIGHT OneCONNECT: Connectivity to disparate data soruces (ERP: SAP, Oracle, MS Dynamics; RSS, Webservices & Other Feeds)
  • INSIGHT OneTOUCH: Spatial Analytics (Custom GIS); Mobile Devices
  • INSIGHT SecurityManager: Enhanced Security & User Management for QlikView
  • INSIGHT OneAXL: Accelerators for BusinessObjects migration, version upgrades and conversion