Migration and Porting

Migration and Porting

Whether driven by the need for technology adoption, or changing business needs, all software product modernization efforts demand rich business and technical intelligence about the application portfolio.

Why Migration & Porting Services?

  • Transitioning from inflexible, expensive software products toward dynamic, cost-effective, and business-centered systems that use emerging and proven technologies
  • Product portfolios change constantly to respond to new business requirements of the customers
  • Modernize the application portfolio to realign with ISV’s business goals Standardization and efforts to simplify product-line management

How Can BTS-India Help?

BTS-India can help you address your software product migration and porting requirements to:

  • Increase software product adoption by migration to popular and/or cost-effective platforms, including mobile platforms
  • Improve ability to keep pace with emerging technologies
  • Reduced overall cost of product modernization
  • Develop ‘proof-of-concept’ and proto-type products for market/technology validation, and piloting


  • Migration & Porting Services