Data Warehousing & Data Management

Data Warehousing & Data Management

An enterprise creates and collects data from its own enterprise applications, as well as external sources like subscribed data from syndicated data sources and emails, the web and social networking applications. This data forms the basis on which it strategizes to gain competitive edge, through streamlining its internal parameters and chalking out its plans for the market.

Why Data Warehousing & Data Management?

Data is the most valuable enterprise asset. A good integrated data management strategy will enhance an organization’s ability to develop valuable insights that provides greater business value. This strategy is driven by the following needs:

  • Need Integrated Data: Disparate data sources lead to information silos resulting in decision deficiencies
  • Need Accurate Data: Lack of data standards lead to data quality issues and therefore distorted insights
  • Need Data Governance: Inadequate definitions, unclear ownership and lack of standards can lead to inconsistencies in organizational data management

How Can BTS-India Help?

TAKE’s vision for its customers is to have them implement standard data management practices; whether it is building a data warehouse or consolidating master data or identifying data quality issues and cleaning them up. TAKE’s leverages it’s over a decade experience in data warehousing to bring expert skills, best practices and a mindset that keeps the end-user in mind while designing the data.


  • Data Modeling
  • Data Integration: Data warehouse, Data marts development
  • Data Migration
  • Data Profiling, Data Quality
  • Master Data Management
  • Metadata Management
  • Data Governance (process implementation)
  • Data Extraction

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