SAP Practice

SAP Practice

Global enterprises require the expertise of a top-quality enterprise and e-business solutions provider. A partner offering incomparable value when it comes to seamlessly integrating extended solutions built around SAP into far-flung corporate IT operations.

BTS-India is one of the premier SAP solution provider geared to provide you with the full spectrum of enterprise and e-commerce solutions. BTS-India helps enterprises leverage SAP Solutions to: efficiently manage enterprise resource planning (ERP) and supply chain management (SCM), and proactively and cost-effectively handle customer relationship management (CRM).

BTS-India’s SAP Solutions ensure that key decision-makers have instant access to relevant, critical data involving your business through the latest data warehousing and enterprise portal technologies. BTS-India’s SAP Solutions enable the efficient and cost-effective integration of diverse and globally dispersed enterprise computing systems.

BTS-India’s SAP experts will work with your IT specialists on:

  • End-to-end implementation and roll out
  • Integration
  • Development/enhancement
  • SAP helpdesk support
  • Web enabling
  • Version migration
  • SAP new dimension technologies
  • Enterprise portals
  • Maintenance
  • Training
  • Organization change management