Mobility Solutions

Mobility Solutions

Companies today rely on their enterprise systems to help them make the smartest use of effort and resources, but these systems are usually away from where the action happens and the process of manually entering information into the applications can be a drain on productivity. Moreover, providing timely access to critical information when most needed helps you accelerate decision-making process.

Mobility solutions not only deliver enterprise information to your personnel but also improve the visibility of the process by capturing the data where the activity happens.

Why Mobility Solutions?

Businesses can benefit from real-time process monitoring and touch-free enterprise system information updates across many functional areas.

Solutions based on auto-ID and mobile technologies improve enterprise productivity, quality of decision-making, and the organization’s ability to respond to opportunities and contingencies.

How Can BTS-India Help?

BTS-India provides automatic identification (RFID/barcode) and mobile data collection solutions in key functional areas like asset management and warehousing.

Whether deployed as standalone solutions or integrated seamlessly with other enterprise systems, these solutions help your organization to gain real-time visibility to critical business processes and to automate them.


  • Asset Management & Tracking
  • Agile Warehousing
  • mWMS for SAP