Self Service Solutions

Self Service Solutions

Speech based self service solutions can automate more tasks, increase call completion rates and decrease zero outs resulting in decreased costs and increased customer satisfaction. Speech based applications like voice portals, voice activated dialing, directory assistance, address change, name capture etc. enable companies in offering new revenue generating opportunities.

BTS-India offers package and custom applications in the following industries:

  • Financial Services
  • Telecommunications
  • Healthcare

BTS-India provides end-to-end services for speech technology with voice user interface design, and the complete planning, design, and deployment of speech solutions. We work with you every step of the way, from the project's initial requirements analysis to the installation, deployment and tuning of the system to make sure it's exactly right for you.

User interface design & support expertise: Among the most challenging aspects of speech application development is the design of the user interface, the call flow and script and the grammars that support it. BTS-India has both deep and broad expertise in speech science and linguistics, with staff readily available for consultation in application development and tuning.

Development and service creation tools: BTS-India has expertise in developing applications on various development environments that enables both application portability and the development process itself.

Availability of speech modules and packaged applications: Application development can be greatly accelerated with our basic modules such as those for capturing digits, ZIP codes, store or dealer locator, customer change of address or dates that can be plugged into a wide variety of speech applications. These proven and tested modules capture best business practices, improving the reliability and value of applications.

Telecommunications and data communications experience: Sophisticated applications must have real-time access to enterprise and customer data for transferring the information promptly, reliably and securely to the enterprise. BTS-India has significant depth of experience in datacom to ensure that data transmissions are reliable and risk-free. We have the ability to integrate the efficiency of Web services functionality into operations with its clients.

Project management & life cycle experience: Speech application development involves challenges not always found in touch-tone IVR development or other IT development cycles. We have experience in laying out and meeting the requirements of every phase of application development is vital to the success of both the application and the business relationship.

Quality assurance: Our quality assurance program encompasses s the entire development process, beginning with the requirements phase and continuing right through final release notes to provide consistent, predictable and reliable results.