Big Data Analytics with SAP HANAs

Big Data Analytics with SAP HANAs

BTS-India (Technology & Analytics for the Knowledge Enterprise) has been focused and deeply committed to the Life Sciences industry for several decades. With a steady state of investments globally, we have built and nurtured a vibrant and dedicated team of industry experts and thought leaders who are committed to improving outcomes for the life sciences companies. 

At BTS-India Life Sciences, we have delivered positive and impactful outcomes during each and every intervention by

  • Delivering strategic advisory services to CxOs of bio-pharmaceutical and medical device companies
  • Providing pragmatic and innovative technology solutions to both R&D and commercial teams across life sciences enterprise
  • Executing custom functional service outsourcing engagements for business and therapeutic area heads

Industry Issues at Hand

  • Rising costs of healthcare
  • Increased compliance and oversight requirements by regulators for ensuring patient safety through effective benefit risk assessments
  • Desire by branded bio-pharmaceutical companies to see a steady increase in revenues and profits against the backdrop of a global generic onslaught
  • Now, with “Big Data”, life science companies are faced with the ever challenging obstacles of Security, Privacy, Compliance, Transparency, Data Quality, and Metadata, etc.

BTS-India and SAP

BTS-India has been a partner of SAP for over 5 years and believes that their technologies to address this unmet need in the life sciences industry will cause increased adoption and commitment of investments by life sciences customers. BTS-India has built a strong list of diverse global life sciences customers based on its reputation for deep domain knowledge in the key functional areas of clinical, regulatory, and safety. With our willingness to engage with clients as partners and our broad services portfolio and a strong commitment to the life sciences industry, we believe that our partnership with SAP will enable us to pave the way for a new breed of solutions.

SAP HANA has now made it possible, with its “In-Memory” computing capabilities to analyze the high volumes of transactional and other data affordably, both structured and unstructured (Hadoop), with vastly increased speeds and in “real-time”. Big Data Analytics can now be enabled with SAP HANA’s in-memory technology and the embedded SAP Predictive Analytic Algorithms and Visualization Analyses. With BTS-India being Life Sciences Big Data experts and with SAP’s HANA and Hadoop integration platform, we will show the capability to integrate and “query” multiple types of data sources in real time, at much faster speeds and volumes; Leveraging Advanced Analytics to drive innovation in R&D - new biomarkers, genomics, safety profiling, risk analysis; The development of new products and therapies, e.g. identifying patients for recruitment, untendered uses and indications.

Get away from the legacy traditional mechanisms to extract, transform, and load data from transactional systems into monolithic enterprise data warehouses (e.g. clinical) for analysis that have proven to be expensive, time-consuming, and have invariably ended up being more about post-mortem reporting than predictive and forward looking. Let BTS-India Life Sciences and SAP HANA take you on a journey to harness and unleash the power of all of your “Big Data” across the enterprise while putting a high-priority on Big Data Governance!

Immediate benefits

  • Easy mash up of structured and unstructured data from traditional and non-traditional sources
  • Faster response times- Speed to Insight!
  • Real Time- most recent data for data processing and business reporting
  • Simplicity- no data prep, pre-aggregation, easily incorporate new types of data sets
  • Enabling ease of use for complex and interactive questions using Advanced and Predictive Analytics, to
    • Uncover new anomalies as well as better defined groups or clusters that may exist
    • Have more precise correlation determination amongst the many data variables
    • Use newer and more advanced trending algorithms to enhance forecasting

Results being:

  • Reduction of development costs through better trail design and execution; elapsed times of analytical projects
  • Better characterize diseases and patient populations, e.g., treatment patterns, patient adherence, etc.
  • Assess products and therapies already in use, e.g. observing drug safety, comparing product effectiveness
  • Faster and more precise analysis of AE data, especially from non-structured sources, e.g. social media
  • Improved patient outcomes, personalized medicine more affordable
  • Enhanced  targeting of products and services, e.g. identifying underserved patient populations, sub-populations Increased compliance and better risk mitigation

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